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Research Report

When we studied strategic account management in 2012, 59% of sales leaders believed there was greater than 25% revenue growth potential in their existing accounts.

In a separate, more recent research initiative, we found that the #1 priority for sales leaders in the year ahead is to increase business with existing accounts. We also discovered that Top Performers are nearly 2x more likely to be effective at maximizing sales to their existing accounts.

This led us to ask: what sets apart the companies that are best at growing their strategic accounts?

The Benchmark Report on Top Performance in Strategic Account Management is the answer to that question. Through the course of this study, we learned not only that 29% more respondents than our 2012 study see growth potential in their existing accounts, but also that 70% of respondents have accounts willing to collaborate. There has never been a better time to invest in strategic account management and account growth.

In this report, the team at the RAIN Group Center for Sales Research shares the areas that set Top Performers apart from The Rest, allowing them to grow revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction in their named strategic accounts.

You'll learn:

  • How the right SAM team can drive more value, relationships, and opportunities within accounts
  • The 3 SAM competencies that set Top Performers apart from The Rest
  • The 6 discrete SAM processes that correlate with Top Performance
  • The #2 most difficult SAM challenge for The Rest (and where Top Performers are challenged significantly less)
  • How the effectiveness of internal and external value creation connects to client satisfaction, opportunity creation, and account plan execution

If you're ready to take your strategic account management efforts to the next level, our research and analysis will give you a comprehensive look at what you need to do to be competitive with Top Performers. Fill out the form to the right to download it now.

Top Performance in Strategic Account Management Benchmark Report

Research: Top Performance in Strategic Account Management Benchmark Report